Is the jewellery delivered in a jewel case?

Each jewel comes with a SHAGREEN & TORTOISE branded jewel case

Can my order be shipped worldwide?

We can deliver in most countries. If there were any issues regarding shipping in your country, we would let you know as soon as possible. Please be aware that outside the Euroepan Union, we are not responsible for any delays or additional costs that may occur due to customs.clearance.

Are the seashells fragile?

To ensure maximum strength and resistance, the seashells or fragile materials we may use are loaded or coated with a cold-enamelled resin.

Precious metals and stones

Shagreen & Tortoise jewels are in vermeil : solid silver coated with a 5 microns-layer of 18 karat gold. This thick layer guarantees a very good resistance to wear. The gemstones and pearls are all natural.

Are SHAGREEN & TORTOISE jewels guaranteed ?

SHAGREEN & TORTOISE jewels are under warrantee for a period of one year from the date of the invoice

Size adjustments

Our bracelets and rings have been designed to be one size fits all. Vermeil being a relatively malleable metal, these can withstand a slight bending / unbending action to fit the finger or wrist. For rings, it is advisable to enter a size when ordering so that we can make the adjustment beforehand. The horn bracelets are one size only. To be sure the bracelet is the right size for you, please inform us of your wrist size. We will let you know in advance if there is any doubt.

Custom-made items

We do not accept custom made orders. We may in certain cases accept a change of gemstone color. As these changes may incur logistical adaptations, they may be charged an additional cost.

How should I care for my SHAGREEN & TORTOISE jewellery?

Certain precautions are necessary to preserve the gold layer of the vermeil: avoid prolonged sea bathing and remove your jewelry when using potentially corrosive household products.

Vermeil may tarnish slightly after a while. To regain its shine, rub the metal parts with a soft cloth. Blanc de meudon (very fine white powder) can also help revive the gilding. It is to be used with a soft cloth and water.

The shells do not require any particular maintenance. Some colors may slightly fade after several years. You can brighten them up by brushing them with a small amount of paraffin oil.

Where are SHAGREEN & TORTOISE jewels made?

Our jewels are handmade in our Paris studio. However, we use certain findings and set stones that have previously been crafted in India or Thailand.

How can I make a return or an exchange?

If you are not completely satisfied, you can request a return within 14 days of receiving your jewelry by sending us your request to:

Please refer to the Returns section in the Terms & Conditions section for more details

Will the jewel I order be as the one on the photo on your website?

All Shagreen & Tortoise jewelry (except those in the "Unique pieces / One of a kind" category) are reproduced in series. There may however be very slight variations in the shade and texture of the shells.

In the event of a significant difference in appearance of the shell, we will inform you in advance.

As the stones are natural, there may be slight variations in color. We always try to select the most suitable shades for the shell

Regarding the Keshi pearl collection: the beauty of Keshi pearls lies in their random and irregular shape. Each piece of jewelry will therefore be significantly different.

Where do the seashells come from?

Shagreen & Tortoise seashells can be sourced from areas all over the world. Our suppliers are based in the European Union and comply with regulations concerning the preservation of the seabed and protected species.

Are the seashells dyed or are the colors natural?

All our seashells are in their natural state. They can be either polished or rough.

They are most often reinforced from the inside with a resin to make them unbreakable.

Only the Coral gorgona charms are tinted red.